Johnson Controls VAV BoxeS

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Now available with factory mounted and calibrated BACnet Controllers

VAV systems are vary popular in many modern buildings

  • VAV systems contain many zones with diverse airflow needs
  • VAV systems are dynamic
  • VAV systems have minimum airflow zones

What makes Johnson Controls VAV box performance better than most is

1. Air flow measuring – Velocity sensor

  • more accurate to measure the air flow = better control (less hunting) = less temperature variation = less energy consumption
  • not easy to maintain accuracy when flow rate is lower, so that is why Johnson Controls use Patented FLOWSTAR Sensor Control

2. Air flow controlling – Flow damper

  • Pressure drop across the VAV box
  • Less the pressure drop = less fan energy consumption

3. Noise level – Mixing box

  • Lower dB rating = quieter the box = more comfortable

4. Controller

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