FMS-1655 Room Pressure Controller


Triatek’s FMS-1655 Room Pressure Controller controls the airflow patterns, temperature, humidity, and room pressure of a critical space. The FMS-1655 protects patients, visitors, and healthcare workers by mitigating dangerous airborne pathogens, and enables your facility to adhere to CDC®ANSI®ASHRAE®, and OSHA® standard guidelines for healthcare ventilation.

The FMS-1655 features Triatek’s signature Safety Halo™ – a glowing, color-coded edge lighting that provides 180° of status visibility, and allows users to monitor their critical spaces with a simple glance, which is especially convenient for long hospital corridors.

This controller has both audible and visual alarms and a user-friendly touchscreen with bold, modern graphics that simultaneously displays:

  • Room pressure
  • Room/alarm status
  • Humidity
  • Air changes
  • Temperature
  • Time and date

The FMS-1655 is ideal for isolation rooms, surgery suites, clean rooms, laboratory spaces, and other similar critical environments.  It is available in surface mount or the sleek stainless steel flush mount for busy hallways. The FMS-1655 easily integrates into any building automation system. Triatek offers the FMS-1655 for the BACnet® and Metasys® N2 networks, and the FMS-1655L* for the LonWorks® network.

*The FMS-1655L model includes a subset of the features of the FMS-1655. Consult with the factory for details.

  • BACnet®, Metasys N2®, and LonWorks® compatible
  • BTL Listed® (BACnet® product only)
  • Safety Halo™ edge lighting
  • User-friendly touchscreen with intuitive menus
  • Bold, modern graphics
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Easy to install and customize
  • Password protection with four access levels
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Real-time air changes per hour
  • Pressure/flow resolution to 0.0001” wc for maximum safety
  • Four analog, four digital inputs, and four relay outputs to allow for a variety of configuration options
  • Capable of controlling up to four spaces with a single unit
  • Available in plastic surface mount or stainless steel flush mount; stainless steel thin mount also available for shallow wall cavities
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