BAPI 10K-2 Outside Air Temperature Sensor


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Outside Air Humidity or Combination Temp/Humidity Units feature closed cell foam to seal the probe insertion hole, mounting tabs for easy installation and etched Teflon leadwires to withstand high humidity and condensation.

They are available with 2% or 3% RH accuracies and outputs of 4 to 20mA, 0 to 5V, 0 to 10V or 2 to 10V. They also come with four of the most watertight enclosures available today — the BAPI-Box, BAPI-Box 2, Weather Tight and Weatherproof enclosures. For more information on the enclosures, see the datasheet or the “BAPI Enclosures Overview” App.



LOGO! DM8 24R Expansion Module, AC/DC 24V, 4 DI, 4 Relay (Series 8 – with ethernet)



Ball Valve, 2-Way, Internal Thread, PN40, DN15, Kvs 15 (Open / Close)

YCAE Modular air cooled scroll chiller / heat pump

Maximize Efficiency through Modularity

With up to eight, independently operable modules in one water system and a built-in main water pipe for easy field installation, the YORK® YCAE provides a simplified, highly configurable installation.

Achieve Greater Reliability

Independent operation, advanced system sequencing and intelligent defrost features contribute to industry-leading reliability and consistent, long-term operation



Actuator Ball Valve,
VG1000 35NM,230vAC, On-Off, IP54



20mm Multi-Jet Meter – MT + Couplings



Wall Humidity / Temp Sensor, Humidity 2%, 0-10VDC, Temp – 100 Ohm RTD



Butterfly Valve, DN65, Wafer



Receiver, connect to MSTP bus



Energy Meter Accessory, Ball Valve, Internal Thread ¾”, with sensor connection

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